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Drops of Rain for the Sexual Abuse Survivor/Thriver


Recovery from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can leave a soul parched and begging for rain.  Crushed. Pressed.

Just voicing what happened to you is so very difficult. Finding the heart clogged with so much leaves little room for courage. Yet we must tell or the healing has no place to fill.

After doing so, the healing process can be so painful many do not continue due to the suffering and loneliness.  The mental anguish being debilitating at times.

We need to know there are others who understand us. We need to now where to find help. Those who remind us we can be made whole, that we are worth it, and that there is no microwave healing so the process is based on our individual needs.

Today I leave you with resources and websites I use when I need help through my healing process, and when guiding others toward healing and the Healer.

Be sure to read my prayer for you, and follow the link to a video of a song called Defender at the end of the post too.

RAINN is the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network located here is a good resource site with a new forum.

Where to find a Christian counselor..

More resources found here

Christian recovery resources are found here. (if you are not sure what would be helpful ask a counselor) You don’t have to do this alone.

Blogs I have found helpful are


Free video advice from Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. JohnTownsend

Beloved, I pray you know you are worth healing, you are loved beyond imagination, and there is help waiting for you, your loved ones, and your friends who may need help too.

Can I pray for you?

Abba Father,

I believe you are our healer. That you want nothing more than to see us made whole and set free. Please give comfort to my wounded brothers and sisters in the pressing place, and those who love them. Bring people who can be Jesus with skin on into their lives. Give them supernatural peace, and comfort during the process. Give them a safe place to use their voice and be validated. Please let this meager blog post help them too. We trust you have led us here, and you will continue to be with us through it all.

He is near to the broken hearted. Psalm 34:18

He is our Defender!

Drop of rain photo courtesy af Anna Langova<a href=””>

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