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Raise Your Voice: People Not Statistics

6 Seconds

Human trafficking is everywhere.  It’s in your town, and your city.  Just check your local stores for the missing persons signs.  There are children, women, and men being sold for someone’s six seconds of sick pleasure.

One of the best things we can do to help stop what is happening is to know the statistics and share them.  To raise our voices on their behalf. To rise up and say there is something I can do.  I can use my voice against this injustice. (See the quote below from a childhood victim of this atrocity.)

People Not Statistics

Does it sicken you that these criminals are making money from the illegal sales of people?  Do you have children, a wife, a sister, a brother, a husband.  Imagine them stolen, trafficked, and never seeing them again.  Well these exploited people are someones children, sister, brother, spouse, etc.  Someone loves them.  Someone knew them.  Someone needs to care for them.

Please share these statistics with your friends and family.  But please don’t think of these people as statistics.  They live, they breathe, they feel pain, they have every dignity and sometimes every innocence stolen from them in the most unimaginable ways.

Once you have read the rest of this post today would you share the following picture on Facebook or Twitter?  Or share this post with others.  The original location is here for the photo below.

Shout It

Again, they can’t use their voice, but we can be their voice.  Please shout it to the nations today that sex trafficking will not be tolerated.  We will not be silent!  Let’s use the hashtag #wontbesilent to track the echo of our voices throughout the world.

Please pray for those enslaved and those who are working undercover to expose criminal activity and save the victims of trafficking.

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  1. Reblogged this on Beloved Hope Endures and commented:
    Today you can help the helpless by tweeting this, sharing it on Facebook, emailing it to a friend, or sending it as an SMS message to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, and our shout to the nations that we will not be silent on their behalf. Use the hashtag:
    #wontbesilent when you share on social media so we can watch our message echo throughout the world.

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