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The Fortress Heart

Wall Around Your Heart He loves us He loves them

Knock, Knock, Knock

He stands at the gates of the fortress and knocks.

I hear the chains rattling. Locked tight.

Boundaries are good and necessary.

Walls are another story.  A way to self protect.

Beth Moore’s words echo loudly in my mind from long ago.

She said something like, “You can protect yourself right out of your calling.”

And He knocks again, and I answer with, It hurts too muchCan’t you see the bruised and brokenness of me?

Nothing.  Just another knock.  And I have to answer because He told us that if we open the door, that He and His father will come in and dine with us.  They will make our heart their home.

And I am starving, lonely, and in need of the One who is love.

So I open that book He sent as a gift to chapter one.  I read about the Lords prayer.  I think, Oh, that prayer again, that cuts like a knife at forgive.

I have walked forgiveness out every day.  I have bled it.  I refuse to let it grow roots. I turn to the page.

Mary Demuth writes,

“We would avoid a lot of insecurity if we fully wholly believed in God’s wild affection for us.”

I still like the cold walls, but I’m intrigued that He loves me.  Me. He loves me.

She goes on to say, “He loves us. He loves them.”

I agree. I pray for them again.  Still pondering how He loves you and me.

Then I realize those walls I’ve built are keeping Him out too.  I remove the chains with one hand, and read more.

A story is shared, about a girl, named Sara giving valentines to those who bullied her.  They give her none, but she still rejoices.

Excerpt from Chapter One

God’s heart for us is that we live like Sara, not hiding away in our pain, but bringing that pain for Him to solve.  It’s not that we live in denial either.  We let God know what bothers us, who hurts us, and how we really want to close off our hearts.  We learn the art of being honest with the Almighty, of laying our pain at the feet of the One who embodied Sara’s heart.  He gave it all, even when the bullies shouted accusations His way. He gave a valentine to every last person on earth–just enough–so we could experience His homemade salvation.

Its eye opening when you remember that valentine was for you too.

I swing wide the gate and fall into Him. “Pray like this,” He says. “I’ll pray for you.” Wiping away your tears.

Open Heart Mondays

I am blessed to be on the launch team of Mary Demuth’s The Wall Around Your Heart.  On Monday’s I will be joining others in relentless pursuit of an open heart.

Sometimes, the hardest prayer to pray is The Lord’s Prayer, but after reading this book you will never pray it the same way again.  One chapter, each week is what we are writing about.  These were the ramblings of my heart about chapter one.  All the quotes come from there.

Join me in pursuing God’s heart for us.  His very own each Monday.  Here, is the link to the where we all link up for more open-hearted faith words.

Flowing Faith

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