Healing, Heart Strings

Wounded Souls

Broken Heart courtesy of Виталий Смолыгин

Just a Trimming

Recently I was out trimming the hedges with electric trimmers.  The bushes had grown up and the Japanese Cleyera had grown so tall that it was covering the house numbers from the road.

As I let go of the trigger I went to change my hand placement, and cut my middle finger of my left hand.   Thank God, not off.  It has been a few weeks ago, the wound has closed up and there are no signs except scarring which is actually a pinker square in the middle of my fingertip.  However, if I touch something just right it still smarts.  So I figure something inside is still in need of healing.

Souls Can Have Wounds

Our souls can have wounds.  They can be from very long ago.  They can appear to be scars and the reality is that they still need healing on the inside.  If you touch a scar and it hurts, well that’s a wound my friend.  We can cover it up any way we want to, but it is still in need of healing.

Souls Can Have Burns

I used to treat burns when I worked in occupational medicine.  The burn victim would come in, and the first thing we would do is clean the wound and debride it.  It was very painful for the wounded.  We would use sterile water and remove any debris and bad tissue that would never heal.  This involved using sterile gauze pads to scrub the wound clean as patients would return.  The process over time was allowing the blood to reach the wound and prevent infection.

Our wounded souls that are in need of healing are sometimes burnt so badly that they need divine debridement.  The process of healing can be painful, but very necessary.

Do you have any wounds you call scars?  Allowing Jesus to heal them can be hard.  But He was sent to bind up the brokenhearted and release the captives.

Healing Process

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

This is a lesson I have learned and quite painfully, but so worth it.  In fact I still have more healing to do. As I write my book about how Jesus came to heal me, and the healing process we have been through due to childhood sexual abuse and the various other wounds related to it.  New places in my heart are being revealed that need His healing touch.  In fact I have had panic attacks daily.  They are uncontrollable.

It is natural not to want to suffer pain or fear, but just like at the dentist, it may hurt but not harm you.  We almost all know about dental pain.  Ouch.

God has promised that nothing shall in any way harm us.  If you need healing cry out to Jesus.  Ask Him to bring you out of hiding, to get you through the fear of wanting anyone to touch that wound, and let Him begin the healing process.  Each wound heals differently. But, Beloved we don’t have to be wounded and not ever have victory.   We can become those He uses to minister healing to others. There is a place called healed.

My Divine Healing instructor, Dr. Paul L. King, wrote the best book I have ever read on healing.   It is written like a devotional with short chapters you can read each day.  If you are in need of healing of any kind, or anyone you know is.  Please get it or give this book to them.  Get it here:



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