Tearing Down Walls and Using Your Voice

I am on two book launch teams. They are a wonderful gift from God as I write my book.  Both books become available in October.

The Wall Around Your Heart by Mary Demuth.  You can read the first chapter by clicking the image below.

wallaroundheartWhen A Woman Finds Her Voice by Joe Ann Fore is available for Pre-Order as well.  Click on my word cloud below to preview on Amazon.com.

Whisper Sing TeachInstructCounsel Witness Cry OutInfluencePraisePreach

Herald CallEncourageWriteIntroducePass OnDeliverExpressExaltShoutSpeak


Articulate InflectScreamYell AnnounceComment Edify ConsoleWarnTell

Wail Utter BeckonSayImpart VoteMake known

Please pray for the launching of these books because the messages from God are so needed, and please lift me up as I continue to write.  <3Melinda

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