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A Story About and Watch “Our Hope Endures – Natalie Grant Piano Tribute” on YouTube

Back in 2011 I was on the praise team at my old church. We often chose songs to sing solos, and then scheduled them as we could. Well we scheduled the song for the following Sunday when I mentioned to the Worship leader that I was ready to sing Natalie Grant’s song, “Our Hope Endures.”
That week we had a 5.8 earthquake here in Virginia. You may have seen it on the world news because it effected Washington D.C., and all the way up into New England.
Two days later, Hurricane Irene showed up.
All of this was going on while a fire raged just south of where we lived that they fought for many days. Air quality was so bad we couldn’t go outside.

Since the power was knocked out everywhere, like weeks on end for some, we didn’t have church until I think two weeks after the earthquake. When we did,we decided I would sing the song.
As I sang the words in practice I realized that God is such a God of perfect timing. The words of the song will explain why. Think of the fear that people had since the Japan Tsunami earlier that year, and then think of the comfort the words of the song brought to us that day as you listen the links in the reblog at the top of the page.

Another Samaritan Woman

A little piano meditation if you know the song.

If you have not heard this before:

Remember our hope endures!

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