Exodus Road, Fighting the Good Fight, Rescue, Trafficking

A Watch for Freedom

The Exodus Road is partnering with Sak Saum, and for every watch purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to the ministry which helps put a stop to human trafficking.  I took a look at the site where you purchase and you can choose the face shape and the color of the strap.  Custom made just for you.  A reminder that you are watching for freedom.

Check out the link here for more on “Watch Out, Freedom’s Coming”, and thank you for supporting our efforts in the global fight for freedom.

You may not be able to buy a watch, but you can forward this blog post to everyone you know.  Please feel free to share on Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.  Thank God for your willingness to stand up and say, “We will not tolerate slavery of any kind.  We will not allow women, and children to be exploited any longer.”

Also please pray for this ministry.  Those in the states and abroad.  Especially pray for these women and children.  Pray that those who are exploiting them would have an encounter with the Lord which would lead them to compassion for the victims so they may stop and even help with their escape from the daily nightmare in which they live.

❤ Melinda

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