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What to Expect When You are Expecting from God

Are you expecting from God?  To be the light in your darkness.  To be the strength in your weakness.  To give you a breakthrough.  To make that dream come true.  To finish what He started.  To restore your health. To bring forth new life?

Stork courtesy of Jana Illnerova

In the Waiting

If so then just like a woman who is expecting a child the wait can be long. The stages stagger sapping all your energy, or provoking nesting.

Things around you can physically change.  You may need a new place to live. Certain people walk away from your life, or you walk away from them.  Your lifestyle can change as you consider healthy living will enable you to care for what you expect.

You begin growing on the inside.  Your thoughts are constantly attune to what hope God has impregnated you with by His word.  You wonder and dream about what life will be like with what has been promised, and some days you wonder how you will ever take care of anyone or anything besides yourself. What is on your plate right now is overwhelming.

In the Wondering

Fear sets in when you begin to wonder what you will do when what you are expecting comes to life. You have many questions and seek answers. Then your faith grows with knowledge.

You long for encouragement that you sometimes have to give to yourself.  Other times the expectation of how good new life is has you dreaming large, and your fear can’t drown the joy.  You want to share the joy with others. Your expectation breeds excitement.

There are those who say things like enjoy your life while you can.  Then there are those who say, “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”  There are those who will share their pregnancy and birthing experience and will scare you silly.  Then there are those who will give you advice.  Lots of it.  Without you even asking.  Some of it will spur you on, and most of it will be forgotten or set aside.

During that time you need extra nourishment from the word of God.  You need to rest in the Sovereignty of God and the assurance that He has things under control.  You have to experience the development of what is to be birthed.  Then you will begin showing signs of what is expected.  You’ll reach a point when you think you are just going to burst if it doesn’t come to full development.

In the Welcoming

A time when you are so desperate you would pick up cars to induce labor.

In the time just before birth you have to make sure your bags are packed for where you are going.  You have to experience the labor and delivery of what you hope for and it can be quite painful.

Unfortunately there is no epidural, but there is a Healer and a peace giver.  You have to push, and push, and push through your doubts,weakness, and your fears.  No one can comfort you but the Lord in delivery.  Only He can be your strength.

Then finally you hold that promise in your arms and marvel at what God has done. You leave behind all you have been through for the joy of promise come to life.

Once what you had been expecting comes you forget the pain, and you are thankful that you went through the whole process because the end result is remarkable.

He has made all things beautiful in their time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

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