Choosing Life, Heart Strings, Seeking God

Making Choices

For example, this afternoon at lunchtime it was all out war with my two youngest girls.  One had eaten lunch and wanted a snack.  She wanted ice cream, but she had just had a piece of cake.  I explained she needed to make a healthy choice if she was still hungry, and offered her several things.  She didn’t want any of those, go figure!However, when I explained those were her choices she had to cave.

This is the same basic argument I had with her older sister.  She wanted me to stop working and make egg salad.  I told her there were seven other different sandwiches she could eat that were ready and available.  She huffed and puffed, and I had to tell her that she would have to decide between the choices I had given her.

When they realized I was not budging, all the huffing and puffing was over, they knew their choices and were forced to narrow them down to which they would like. But for twenty minutes they were paralyzed by the abundance of what they had to choose from.

In life we are faced with so many possibilities that we can have trouble choosing.  We wonder who is going to approve?  What if I make the wrong choice?  Or, how can I stop doing what seems to be something noble for God?

God said we can do all things in Christ, not everything all at once.  Multitasking is a myth. When we have no choice may God bless us with the ability, but as a rule, focusing on a task ensures it is done well.

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