Choosing Life, Heart Strings, Seeking God

Making Choices

So I am focusing on the church plant, and the healing God has for me in my life.  This means that I have to work at home, and I have to intentionally cut things out of my life that may be noble causes, but not the best choices for me, my family, and the Kingdom of God now.

So I took the summer off from school, put counseling women at the pregnancy center on hold, I write once or twice a week at the most on the blogs, I work four days a week for four hours, and I intentionally spend quality time with my children.

These are the choices that are not selfish, but allow me to be the best me I can be and still be a wife, a mother, and a pastor.

According to Marcus Buckingham, in his book Find Your Strongest Life, an abundance of choices can leave us paralyzed.  He goes on to write,

Lured by the possibility of the perfect anything, we wind up devoting far too much time to the process of choosing, ruminating back and forth, and then after we’ve chosen, questioning our decision.  With so many options available, it becomes almost impossible to be satisfied with the one we picked.

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