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Pregnant with Promises of God: Hannah

Every Monday we are focusing on Greater Expectations from God.  This is post three of that series.  Find the others at the bottom of the Home page here.

Last week we talked about the conception of expectation from God.  We addressed the many times in the scriptures that promises were conceived in the dark.

This week let’s begin to discuss what can block conception.

After a certain amount of time what God has promised begins to grow in your Spirit as it is acknowledged.  However, before it ever reaches that stage we have to be able to conceive.

Throughout scripture there are different ways the knowledge of promise was received and revealed.

Different people of biblical times can teach us so much about conception of promise and expectation.  Those we will be focusing on are Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Abraham, Rebekah, Jochebed, Samson’s mother and father, David, Bathsheba, John the Baptist, and Paul.

In no particular order their stories give us insight about ourselves and the One who enables us to conceive, expect, and delivers on the promises, but we will start with Hannah.

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