Heart Strings

Real Life Superhero

Face the Monster courtesy of Fritz Ahlefeldt

I love the actor Liam Neeson. I tease my husband that they should make a third one.  I could star in it.  The plot would be that Liam needed me to rescue him. MY Holy Hottie didn’t agree so we dropped the subject.

I am particularly fond of the Taken movies.  They remind me what a father’s love will do when a child is in danger.  In that way I realize how God must feel about me.  How much He wanted to protect me, have me healed from my past, and deliver me into His plans for my life to bring me hope and a future.  He sent His son to redeem me from slavery.  But, someone had to lift their voice so that I would know.  Someone had to write the accounts and gospels.  Someone had to die for me to know the truth about Jesus.

The great thing is that because He did, and because they did, I can now use my voice to set others free.  I can be a real life superhero that brings the good news to the bound, broken, damned, doomed, and lost.  What kind of superhero wouldn’t save the women, men, and children that are victims of the sex trafficking trade?  My superpower is Love.

Check out this post over on the Exodus Road Blog.  You don’t have to be Liam or Jason Bourne.  You just have to be the you that you are.  There is a video there.  Be sure to take a look at it.  Please share the blog post with those who fight for freedom, or who would.  Thank you for being a light in the darkness to those God loves and adores.  Just like you.

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