Another Samaritan Woman

Reflection of Women in Water courtesy of George Hodan

The Samaritan woman was an outcast.  One who went alone to the well to draw water at an hour no other did.  The day she met Jesus was like any other in her life.  That is until He asked her for a drink of water. Then she asked Him with what do you want me to draw this water.  Jews didn’t drink from the same vessel as a Samaritan.  But He wasn’t just a Jewish man, He was different and had a kind smile.

Where did He come from, and what made Him stop there?  These are the things that have been rolling through my mind.  I am just another woman who Jesus stopped in the tracks of her life.  It was a day like any other when He showed up, but my days have never been the same since.  My sin knew no bounds, and my mind knew no Savior until that day.  Looking back I wonder how I made it through life drinking from the cess pools I thought would quench my thirst.

Now my life is flooded daily with waterfalls of living water.  I can’t help but hang out at the well of Jesus.  It is there I get life and the refreshing that fills my soul to overflowing.  It’s purity flushes what has been out of my heart and mind.  It nourishes, and it heals the parched areas of brokenness.  It never ceases to flow unless I refuse to draw it.

Some of you are familiar with the story of the woman at the well.  Some of you are not.  It is here that I wish to acquaint you with her, and to tell my story as well.  She went to the well alone because her life wasn’t what others approved of.  A life tainted with her own poor choices, and the poor choices of others.  She went to draw water that refreshes the body when her soul was parched.  You don’t have to be alone, I know your soul is thirsty.  You picked up the book or landed on this blog because you are tired of drawing water that doesn’t refresh the soul.  You don’t have to drink from the cess pools that poison your soul anymore.  They may feel like the refreshing, but they only fulfill the lust of the flesh. You can go to the well of Jesus and never be alone or thirsty another day in your life.  He is waiting there for you.  Right where you are.  Like Joseph Prince once said, “You don’t have to clean up to take a bath.”  You don’t have to clean up to meet Jesus.  Allow me to introduce you to the source of Living Water.

Read John 4 and see what you can glean about the Samaritan woman.  Then post a comment about what God revealed to you about her.  It could be a question, an observation, or whatever you like.  Maybe an inspirational poem will come to the mind of the poet.  Maybe it will remind you of a song.  Just go to the well of the Word and then share with us what you found there.

Like this post?  Please feel free to share Livng Water with your friends.  I know they will be encouraged.

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