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Shalom: Healing in the Word

Note Paper on Cork Board courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

The word is spirit and it is life. So it is only fitting that we address the word of God and healing this week.

Psalm 107:20 NIV says:

He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.

Faith comes by hearing. We first come to faith in Christ Jesus when we hear about his work on the cross. So to increase our faith in anything we must hear about it.

During cold and flu season you cannot watch television without being bombarded with medicine and cold relief commercials.

There are also regularly appearing commercials coming on promoting new pharmaceuticals that give warnings and side effects.

The world news is filled with reports of illnesses and outbreaks too.

We are even hearing more commercials on Christian and secular radio about distress and disease.

We are hearing so much about illness in our day to day lives that if we are not also meditating on the word and speaking it as life over ourselves and our loved ones we have more faith in distress and disease.

We must step back and check our faith levels in the Healer and His words.

Our professor in Divine Healing class challenged us with assignments of searching the scriptures for any words on healing. It was such a booster shot of faith in the Healer.

I challenge you this week to find healing scriptures. You can go straight through a book and search like we did, use a bible app, or even Google them.

Meditate on them. Turn them over in your mind, chew on their meaning, and speak them to yourself.

You will find that word has been hidden in your heart when it comes up every time you hear about sickness or distress. Life will bubble up from within from the Holy Ghost and challenge what tries to come against the truth of God’s word.

Beloved, healing words are available to you and I. We just have to reach out and take them. ❤ Melinda

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