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One God-sized Dream and Several Small Steps for Mankind

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A Voice

A voice is something I did not have when I was being sexually abused during my entire childhood until the age of seventeen.  I had no advocate that used their voice either.

My God-sized dream is to be a voice crying in the wilderness preparing a way for the Lord with my voice.  As Pastor, Speaker, Writer, and Vocalist.

Using my voice to share the gospel, encouragement, testimonials of healing, to be an advocate for babies in the womb, women who are suffering, and those who are being sexually exploited for the pleasure of others.

They have no voice.  God uses ours to let the world know, and to let the victims know they can be whole, and they need us to shout loud.

Some Steps

This week I took several small steps toward my God-sized dream.

Well last week I did too, and I think that is what we need to do is just take small steps for mankind, just like Jesus did for us.

So I decided to list them here.  Some seem mundane, but they are satisfying my soul because they are linked to the desires God has placed in my heart.

  • I made another appointment for E.M.D.R. (post traumatic stress related  therapy).  I have been in Christian counseling since 2007 on my healing journey.
  • I wrote a little over a thousand words in my new book about abuse and  intimacy with God.
  • I began a healing series on this very blog for every Monday.
  • I made a website for the church plant that is scheduled to launch in six months to a year.
  • I opened an email account for the ministry.
  • I applied to be an Official Exodus Road blogger.  (I was accepted:))
  • I finished my application for the church planting organization.
  • I turned in my paper for Theological Research class at O.R.U.
  • I called to schedule my next training session at the pregnancy center.

Standing on His Feet

These are all small steps I took toward the dreams God gave me.  Some of them seem so big that I am glad I am standing on the Savior’s feet because this dance is one I don’t know.

Some of them frighten me so much that I have to take medication for panic attacks.  Some of them bring me to tears because I am watching God accomplish them all through my weaknesses with His strength.

I remember one year when I held a Journey to the Cross Easter event at our church.  One of the stations was a bible turned to John chapter one, a pair of sandals, and paper and pens to trace our feet.

The verse to meditate on was John 1:14,

“the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

As I continue to take these several small steps in preparation, action, or courage I am closer and closer to using my voice in a God-sized way.  As I do, the Word becomes flesh and it dwells among us.

After all we are His voice, His hands, and feet. Shalom. <3Melinda

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4 thoughts on “One God-sized Dream and Several Small Steps for Mankind”

  1. Go, girl, go! Love reading about your heart for being a voice for others and how you’re boldly taking steps!

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