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New Year Reservations

December thirteenth was the second anniversary of this blog.  In honor of that I wanted to share a post that was relevant to this season that gave glory to the one we call our First Love.  This post describes my resolution for years to come.

Calendar 2013 and Rose courtesy of George Hodan

Yesterday I was able to spend the entire day with my husband.  We ended 2011 together with a hunt at his hunt club all day, and then rang in the New Year with my best friend and her husband.  They who have been friends that have walked closely with us through this journey called life.  It was an amazing day and night.  We all met for dinner and games at Dave and Busters and laughed while we awaited the celebration of the New Year back at the house.

While in the woods yesterday I was thinking about how God is the ultimate hunter.  Although we do not seek Him, He continues to diligently seek us, to chase us down with great Love, and sacrifice His all for our sins.  Although He hasn’t had to send the dogs in after us, He has sent His Son and then sealed us with the Holy Spirit.  Many times I can recall being hidden from God, and down in a bottom that was called bad life choices.  I only got out of it because my help comes from the Lord who calls from His Holy habitation offering me grace.

I waited all day with the anticipation of harvesting a big buck, but I harvested so much more in the waiting than that.  I heard Him speak to my heart, “Be still and know I am God.”  How often are we really still?  How often have we chosen to sit and to cease from all work without falling asleep?  Yet, God was waiting for me to just get quiet and let Him surround me with His presence and the glory of His creation.

When I thought about New Year’s resolutions I considered the only one I knew I could keep. That being, “God help me to be near you.” The only resolution I wanted to make was to be still more often.  So I decided that instead of New Years  resolutions I would make reservations.  I would make reservations with God.  I don’t have to have the exact times, I don’t have to have any instructions to follow, and I don’t have to make promises I can’t keep.  I just made reservations to spend more time seeking God because He has spent eternity seeking me.

I remember as a child sitting in church and wondering, “Is it over yet?”  I just wanted to take off my patton leather dress shoes and get some lunch.  However, there is a change in me He has brought about.

Now I could sit and listen to a sermon as long as God was leading the service.  If I get tired I don’t give in and look at my watch saying, “I have other plans, and I have to go.”  Jesus, when on the cross, never said He had other plans, nor did He look at His watch.  He is always there waiting, and always has been.  Waiting for us to show up for the reservations He made for us.

Why are reservations with the Lord better than resolutions?  It is because He is a covenant keeping God who longs for relationship with us.  Not after we have some list of resolve finished, but now.  He keeps this reservation with us.  He made them before the beginning of the creation of the world and the heavens.  There is no list for me to have my name on, no certain dress I have to come in, and when we show up even in part God is fully present.

This year my challenge to you is to make reservations with your creator.  He made you, He knows how to bring you back to factory settings, can give you all of the technical, physical, mental, and emotional support you need, and has left a manual on how to operate in His kingdom called the Holy Bible.  There is no need to make an appointment, call a secretary, or pay to get time with Him.  There is no age limit, no cover charge, or clique you must belong to.  How will you begin to make reservations with the Lord this year?  Here are ways to do just that:

Pray without ceasing.  Live a daily life talking to God about everything with honesty.  Bring Him your whole self.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Praise Him for everything He has done, is doing, and will do in your life.  Reflecting on what God has seen you through will build your faith.

Spend time with Him and let Him lead the time frame.  It may be time to alter your schedule fo allow that.  Get rid of distractions in your life that take away that time.

Time spent can be in meditation, reading a book or the Bible concerning you walk with Him, listen to music that reminds you of His love for you and all men.  Attend a Bible Study, services, and Christian gatherings to build one another in love, or go to a conference with time devoted to your relationship with Him.  Stay in His word.

Or, just be still and allow God to speak to your heart in the silence.

“How am I making reservations with the Lord?”, is the question to ask ourselves in 2012. (2013 and for years to come.)

Leave a comment with your answer.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

❤ Melinda

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