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This Christmas Give Joy

Joy To The World courtesy of Shari Weinsheimer

Ready or Not

As I have been out and about the one question I hear everyone ask is, “Are you ready for Christmas?”  It is a common question in conversations at this time of year.  But, it really struck me the last time I heard it.

What do people mean when they ask are you ready?  They are wondering if you have purchased all of your gifts, mailed your Christmas cards, have your festivities planned, and the guest list penned.

All of these things are what we do for Christmas, but what if we examined that question spiritually and emotionally.  How is your Joy, and what is making you joy-full?

The Day and Hour No One Knows

As Christians what we are to be looking forward to is Christ’s return.  What we are celebrating is His birth.  Why? Because when we focus on the miracle that God came to earth as a baby helpless and humble we are reminded how much He loves us.

This brings true joy.  What further fuels that joy is that one day He will return triumphant and that we have the promise of either heaven or being a part of that triumphant return.  Either way we have a secure future in eternity with Him.

Joy Running Over

Our cup runneth over with joy in knowing that before we were ever born He was.  In His short life He accomplished what we couldn’t on our own, and still can’t.  In fact two thousand years before we were born He died and shed His blood for all our sins before we would ever commit any sin at all.

There are some who don’t have the joy of expectancy of Jesus return.  This Christmas let’s choose to partake of the joy that we may give it as a gift to someone else. When someone asks if you are ready for Christmas in what way can you invite the Joy of Jesus into the conversation?

Start with your children, your spouse, or another believer by inviting Jesus Joy into your exchange of words.  It will ready you to give the gift we have so freely been given.  Let’s bring joy to the world that so desperately needs it this Christmas, and for the rest of every year we are here.

I look forward to that joyous day I will see you in heaven brothers and sisters.  That great day when we shall look upon the face of our Savior.  I’m so glad you will be there with me.  I hope your mansion is right next to mine.    ❤ Melinda

Therefore with joy will you draw water from the wells of salvation. Isaiah 12: 3

P. S. I’m taking time off to be with my family and so I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I’ve written my last post of the year for Christmas Eve.  I pray you are blessed abundantly with the Joy of Jesus, and that the New Year would find you swimming in the blessings of relationship with Him.  Each day we are closer to heaven.  Glory to God in the Highest!

1 thought on “This Christmas Give Joy”

  1. Thank you for your blog, which fuels my heart and keeps me focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. Your words are a healing balm and bring true comfort and peace.
    May you experience deep abiding joy as you rest in His arms.

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