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How to Help Your Neighbor After the Hurricane and Hurricane Preparedness

I just remembered I wrote this last year and so I am republishing for those who may need the information.  Prayers are with everyone who will be impacted by this storm.  Beloved as we pray remember He still has authority over the wind and waves in our lives.

Praise God for our safety, but Hurricane Irene has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  I so desperately feel anguish for my neighbors and those I don’t know who are still without power, still without water, have lost food, homes, property, and peace.  So I thought one way I can help is to offer what I know about how those of us who have power and water can help our friends, neighbors, community, and church that does not.  I also will offer advice about hurricane preparedness and hints at the end of the post.

If you have power and water you can:

Offer…. a shower to those without water.
Offer…. a hot meal.
Offer…. a place to fill their water jugs.
Offer…..a bed in a cool place to sleep.
Offer…..to do laundry.
Offer…..to keep their children (the daycare or babysitter may not have power).
Offer…..ice.  An easy way to do this is to fill ziploc bags with water and when it is frozen have them    come get it with a cooler.
Offer…..to help with cleanup.
Offer…..your generator or chainsaw.
Offer…..prayer and a listening ear.

There are others I am forgetting so please comment on this post with what you know can help others by clicking on comments below the post.  Thank you!

Hurricane Preparedness

As soon as there is a hint it might come your way get started.  Don’t think it won’t be bad either.  There is no such thing as a minor hurricane.  Here is a mouthful of info so you may want to write it down.

Check your generator.  Make sure it does not need maintenance.  Fill Ziploc bags almost full and stuff them in your freezer around the food.  When it freezes and the power goes out it will cool your refrigerator and keep your freezer cold longer.  Get gas in everything.  All vehicles and gas cans.  Get batteries.  Going to the dollar store to buy multiples of batteries that don’t last as long is still cheaper than buying those that do by the way.  Buy jugs to fill with water or those you can refill.  Fill all of your pitchers.  Get candles and lighters.  The battery operated tea lights are best for the kids rooms.  Buy a first aid kit.  Check flashlights to be sure they work.  Find entertainment for kids that needs no power.  Buy non-perishable food items.  Get paper towels for cleaning up messes and toilet paper.  Get propane for lantern if you have one for cooking out on the grill in the dark.  Get charcoal or propane for your grill. Clean your tub and fill it with water when the hurricane gets close.  You can also bleach a cooler to store water in as well.  Wash clothes and towels.  Pack a bag for your family for three days at least.  Gather important documents and place them in waterproof bags.  Documents like Insurance information, birth certificates, etc.  You can take a video on your phone of the house so you can remember what you own if there is damage to your home.  Start your crock pot to have a hot meal when the power goes.

Most importantly watch the weather reports hourly or at least three times a day.  The reports WILL change.

Here are some hints for surviving after a hurricane:

  • Establish a place in your home as your central operations station.  Keep all emergency items there.
  • Stay in touch with friends to find gas.  If one finds it first you look for what else is needed like charcoal.
  • Truck a generator to each others homes to keep the refrigerator and freezer cold if you can get down the road safely.
  • Take a swim in the pool as a makeshift bath.
  • Use pool water to flush your toilet if you have a well.
  • Take naps when you can to keep your stress level down.
  • Don’t overwork yourself trying to clean up.  Take your time getting it done.
  • When power comes on refill water supply.  It will most likely go off again as they repair the lines.
  • You can make a hand washing station out of an old laundy detergent bottle with the button spout.  Place soap in a knee high stocking.  Tie the end on the handle.  Fill the bottle with water.  Use the button to wet hands.  Soap up and rinse.

There is more I have missed so be sure to comment below with your hints and suggestions for preparedness.  Thank You for leaving the comments they will help someone more than you know Beloved.  God Bless and Be Safe.  ❤ Mindy

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