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Worth Ship Wednesday: Get Your Scary Praise On

James Brown courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

In my quiet time today there was something in my soul blocking my praise to the Lord. I knew it was there. It was like something caught in my spiritual throat. When it happens these days I am determined to get my praise on anyway.

Have you been there? We all have.

When we are choking in real life we need something to push the object out of our airway.


After Prayer, a healthy dose of scripture reading (out loud so I could hear the truth) I got the gumption to praise Him anyway.

Then I looked up and said to the Lord. Who does the enemy think he is trying to steal my praise too?  I love to sing.  It is a passion he is trying to steal from me, and I ain’t having it.
Sometimes I have to get my angry praise on. Sometimes I have to get my praise through tears on.  Sometimes it gets loud.

Sometimes you have to do like Beth Moore advised once: “Scare the dogs under the bed!” She was referring to prayer, and praise is prayer

My youngest daughter, she is five years old, once told my husband, ” You know when mommy says, Hallelujah and all that stuff it scares me when she yells like that.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, it may startle her, but when she is older she will not stray from it. She will remember what her Mommy was doing and the One whom she was praising.”

Got a lump in your spiritual throat? Praise that thing out-of-the-way. Get all James Brown with it! It is warfare after all. It will soften your heart to receive from God. Then after you have cleared your throat you will notice you have cleared the way for more praise.  If you are afraid of the way you look or of being too loud.  Get in the car and crank it up.  Jump in the shower.  Whatever it takes.  This girl is getting her scary praise on no matter what.

Singing His Praises Loud and Scary,

❤ Melinda

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