Encouragement, Heart Strings, Worth Ship Wednesday

Worth Ship Wednesday: God Works All Together For Good

On this day what are you thankful for?  What in your life is calling you to give praise and worth to God?

Courtesy of Bobbi Jones Jones

Today I am thankful for the ability to fall into the loving arms of a Father who loves me and will never in any way harm me.  I didn’t have that growing up.  The happy life with my father was a sham.  Although everyone thought that he was a great father and a great man, he hurt me in ways a father never should a child.  Abuse that happened from before I could walk until I was a teenager is something that caused me to have no trust in any man.  However, God has been an active pursuer of my heart and a healer of my soul.  He continues daily to do more than I could ask or think as my heavenly Father.

I am also thankful that God uses the things that Satan meant for evil in my life to do good.  I am thankful that he is taking all things and working them together into a beautiful mosaic of His glory.

No matter what has happened in life God has promised us that He will use it for good.  Whether it was childhood sexual abuse or something else.  God can take the most evil things and turn them into beautiful expressions of His glory which is true redemption.  He is a restorer.

If there are things in your life you are still asking why about then would you consider asking a different question?  Ask God what good can come from it.  Surrender it to Him.  All of it.  The hurt, the shame, the fear, the questions, the tears, the anger, the shame, the guilt, and whatever fills your heart.  When you pour it out before Him he can take it and change it for good that will give Him glory.  Go to the throne of grace to receive help in your time of need.  He is waiting there for you.  When you pour it out before Him then He will begin to fill you with Himself.  His light will overcome the darkness.  His love will fill the emptiness in ways you never imagined were possible.  Surrender the something evil for something good.  A divine exchange will happen that cannot be earned, but in order to receive it you have to surrender what you are holding onto.

All things work together for good to those of us who love God and are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

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