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A Crown not a Medal

I was just playing solitaire.  I love to play pyramid.  It is quite difficult to win, and I like the challenge.  It usually takes like ten attempts before I read YOU WIN on the screen. Sometimes more.

When I see those words they breathe new life into me and I am raring to go again.  I am elated.  All because of a solitaire game. 

Then suddenly I hear whispered across my heart,

“Why don’t you experience that joy by the victory you have in Me?”

Then I smile and ponder over it.  Suddenly the words count it all joy (James 1:2), and choose joy (Habakkuk 3:18) mean so much more.

I may be experiencing trials and temptations.  It may look as though I have lost and/or I’m losing, but in reality,

I WON! I became a winner when I said yes to Jesus.

If you are on your umpteenth try  in your walk with Christ, and it looks like there is no win in sight.  Hear this:

YOU WON! You are a winner:)

When all is said and done we win has been written in the book of Revelation for thousands of years.

Choose joy, and count all you are facing as joy.  These are light and momentary afflictions.  Beloved,winning is eternal. The world is giving away medals for performance, but Jesus says we get a crown not a medal because of His!

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