Heart Strings

Weeping Before the Throne Reprise

I have been enjoying Spring Break with my children, and allowing myself to grieve over losses that brought me back to this post.  It was first published in September 2011.  I pray that though it isn’t new that it will bless you in your time of need, or maybe you know someone who is grieving that this will help.  ❤ Melinda

This week (in Sept 2011) Holley Gerth is talking about you being irreplaceable.  When you are done here please go there and let her whisper God’s heart to you.  In my moments with the Lord this morning I poured out my heart, in great anguish I wept and prayed.  The Lord whispered back one word.  Hannah.  I knew exactly what He was referring to.

In 1 Samuel 1, we are introduced to Hannah.  A woman of faith.  A woman who is married to a man who has another wife.  She is brutally cruel to Hannah because Hannah could not bear children.  So this woman, Pininnah, made sure she made Hannah’s life miserable by gloating that she was the mother of many.

This went on for years.  Everytime her husband Elkanah went to sacrifice to the Lord he would bring her a double portion because of his love for her, but she would weep and not eat.  Her soul was vexed with grief.

Finally, in great anguish, Hannah left the table one year and went to the temple.  She was violently weeping and praying. She made a vow that if God would give her a son, she would give him to the Lord for all the days of his life. Because a priest saw her there with her lips moving and heard nothing but crying, he assumed she was drunk.

She told the priest, Eli, that she was not drunk, but was pouring out her soul to God.  That she was not a wicked woman, but had misery.  The priest said, “May your requests be granted.”

The following months proved God’s faithfulness.  She conceived, then bore a son.  When he was weaned (around 3 years old) she took him to the temple to enter the Lord’s service.

What we can learn from Hannah is that after years of being in misery she finally took her complaint and requests to the only one who could answer.  She took them to God.  Her faith in Him was great.

But there is more, Hannah is irreplaceable.  Without her, Samuel would not have been born.  Samuel was also irreplaceable.  God had a plan for each of their lives.  Just like He has for you and what is birthed from your prayers. You and what is birthed are irreplaceable.

Give yourself to the Lord, even in great anguish.  Imagine what God can do.  Look what He did with Hannah’s anguish.  In His eyes your requests come from irreplaceable you and they are a part of a bigger plan than you realize.  Then give what is birthed from those prayers to God too.  To imagine what He can do with the answers read more about Samuel this week.

Beloved, go before the throne, He is waiting…..<3 Mindy

16Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16 (KJV)

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