Heart Strings

From a Chrysalis: Anticipate Resurrection

The butterfly has been everywhere this week.  Previews, movies, commercials, and I know it is not a coincidence.  God is whispering truth through a picture that shows a future reality.  Out of this Chrysalis will come a butterfly.

At times I admit that doubts weigh me down, and the wings of hope have to flap harder.  Sometimes the weight of them in the waiting leaves me grounded.  During these light, and momentary afflictions, I can choose a focus.  The weight of doubt, or the lifting of His promises.  I know God knows where I am, and wants me to anticipate the resurrection of His promises coming to pass.

Prior to His sacrifice, Jesus told His disciples that the Passover was in two days, and that He would be betrayed to be crucified.  Yet, though they were forewarned, they fled when their Messiah was arrested.  (Matthew 26:2).

When He was laid in a tomb they thought the One they had placed their hope in was not who He said He was.  But God knew they would doubt!  In fact, Jesus told Peter He would deny even knowing Him.  To know Him is to take Him at His word.  He told Peter that He was praying for Him, though Satan wanted to sift him as wheat.
In light of His words to Peter, I am strengthened when it seems what He has promised is buried beneath doubts. 
After all He prays for us the very same way He did for Peter.  (Hebrews 7:25)

On the cross Jesus’ words were, “It is finished”, NOT I am finished.  “It” being the work He came to do.  The end of the old, and the beginning of something new.  Let that be our focus while we anticipate the resurrection of our hope in His promises.  I feel lighter already!

Beloved, our Hope endures,

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