Heart Strings


I want to scream loud…I don’t.

I want to shake some people awake…I won’t.

I want to run until someone notices my exhaustion.

I want to scream loud…I don’t.

The kids come home and throw their book bags in the floor.  Shoes are kicked off across the room.  As they come across the house it sounds like a herd of elephants let loose.

They walk into my silence and begin to spill their voices about their day.  They are loud.  Two minutes of them being home, and it’s time to referee.  I tell them to lower their voices, and I get loud, when they don’t.  So they look at each other, and me, loudly.

I know that one day they will use their voices for something God ordained.  I pray they will know what to say.  I pray they will scream of injustice.  I pray they will shake people awake.  I pray they will run with their goals until someone notices.  I pray they scream loud that they love God, and that their regret will not be…they don’t.

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