Audience of One

Audience of One~17

You know what is so splendid about a tree that is sapped of strength…that stands still with branches bare in the bitter cold?

Tree in Snow courtesy of David Wagner

It is the way it doesn’t strive to do for itself.  Have you ever seen a tree pick up its roots and say, “Well I am thirsty, I need nourishment, I better find it for myself, or I am never gonna get it?”  Me neither.

It just stands there… the wind blows the rain falls the lightening flashes, and thunder rolls the sunlight pours upon it

and it receives.

It’s roots firmly in the ground, it receives nourishment from the soil that surrounds it. We cannot see what is happening in the tree.  We can only see what the hard weather and cycle of life has done to it.  Yet, all the while it is receiving.

Before God, this is how we should be.  Be still, and know I am God.  Psalm 46:10 KJV

No one sees what is happening in you when they see you.  Just One.  Others may lean against you, and seek shelter from a storm, and all the while you are just receiving what you need from an audience of One.

Receive Beloved! ❤ Melinda

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