Doubt, Faith, Heart Strings, Walk on Water

Water-Walking Faith

After careful and prayerful consideration I have come to believe that water-walker was the word God was using to prepare me in December for the upcoming 2012 year.

The word God gave me for this year comes from a story that has always intrigued me.  Read about it here in Matthew 14:22-23.

In this account Matthew speaks about Jesus walking on the water. 

Jesus had told the disciples to go to the other side and dismissed them while He prayed alone.  During the night while praying Jesus remembers the disciples are on their way to the other side when a storm of large proportion was upon them.  In the midst of the storm Jesus came toward the boat walking on the water. Eleven of the disciples thought that a ghost was on the water.  However, Peter, being the man he was, called out and said, “Lord if that is you then bid me to come onto the water with you?”

Imagine that.  You have been told to go to a certain place by Christ.  You just saw Him perform a miracle from the lunch of a small boy.  You are still talking about it amongst yourselves when suddenly a storm of biblical proportions blows in.  Then in the midst of that storm, you see something walking toward you on the water.

Everyone is convinced it is a ghost, but through the mist, thunderings, and more water than room in the boat, you think you see Jesus.  So you get up the nerve to call out to what others think is a ghost.  When you do, you are rewarded because you used discernment to ask Christ if it was Him on the water.  Suddenly you hear a voice throught the storm that says, “Come!” 

Woa, just like a sudden thundering clap that voice resonates through you.  Everyone else is telling you it is a ghost and not the Lord, as you throw your legs over the boat to join Jesus on the water.  No one, not even you, can believe what you are doing.  Then you get out there and walk on the water as you look at Jesus bidding you to come.  Just like the fish came to the net you cast your legs over the other side of the boat. You cannot resist His call. 

While walking you lose focus on who called you and you remember you can’t walk on water.  Then you see the waves and wind that reminds you that you are in the storm of storms.  As quickly as you jumped out of the boat you begin to sink because you took your eyes off of Jesus, but you didn’t realize that is why. 

You cry out for help!  Jesus quickly grabs your hand and raises you up while asking, “Why did you doubt, you of little faith.”

You of little faith??? How could I have little faith? I just came to you on the water, but now I have little faith?  Why?  Because we walk by faith and not by sight.  Once you focused on what your eyes were telling you then walking by faith was not possible.  So Jesus grabbed you and walked you back to the boat where the eleven others are picking their mouths up off the boat and spitting out sea water.  All you can do is look at Jesus though and wonder, “Did that really happen?”  But when you go to speak the words come out, “You really are the Son of God!”

Water-walkers will face people who tell you it is not Jesus, wind, crashing waves, thunderings, and confusion, but when all is said and done, even if you had to have Jesus rescue you in the storm in front of everone, you walked on water and Jesus was out there!

❤ Melinda

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