Fighting the Good Fight

~Fighting The Good Fight ~

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Have you ever been in a fight?  I have.  In fact I am pretty good at it when it comes down to fighting outside of the ring.  My words can be more brutal than any punch I have ever thrown.  I know just where to hit you so it hurts with icy words.  I learned that from a lifetime of fighting abuse.  Sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse was a part of my life from my earliest memories and throughout my marriage to my first husband.  I tend to want to be alone once I get angry.  I need to think before I speak.

Learning that once I became a Christian, and I accepted Christ as my Savior, did not mean that my mind would be automatically renewed was considerably difficult to take in.  I thought I was a new creature in Christ?  I heard that spoken by the preacher who gave the invitation.  Instead of understanding that all things were new, and I was still a “creature” was something I had to come to understand.  I could continue to be the new and improved Hulk that I was, or I could learn more about what it meant to renew your mind. Since green is not really my color I chose to begin renewing my mind.

In that process I have come to a place of necessary further healing.   A long process that began a few years ago. Healing is different for everyone and just like certain diseases, there is no cure-all.  So do not let anyone but God guide you in necessary healing and mind renewal.  Abuse changes your entire outlook on life, and if throughout a life it changes how you develop, along with your thought processes.  It effects how you see yourself, how you see and don’t trust others, no matter who they are, and how you will relate to God, be a parent, and leave a legacy. Just to give you an idea of the damage it does.

In this process I have been fighting with all I have to continue the good fight of faith.  Recently though, I am tired of fighting.  I am so tired of fighting.  Imagine walking into a boxing ring across from Rocky Balboa and just deciding to lay down for the count to get it over with.  That is how I feel.

Today during my quiet time in meditation over it all, I realized that we are told to fight the good fight of FAITH.  What a timely revelation.  It is time to hang up the boxing gloves, and put on the armor of God.

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1 Timothy 6:12 NKJV

It is time to use the weapons of FAITH in what Christ has done for us!  I’m not sure how long this series will last.  But let’s start looking at how God fights, how He tells us to fight, and at the mighty warrior He is on our behalf.

Let’s fight with Faith,

❤ Melinda

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