Fighting the Good Fight

New Series Begins Monday ~Fighting the Good Fight~

Do you remember the Rocky movies?  I can hear the Eye of the Tiger theme song running through my mind right now.  I see him in training running up all those stairs.  Then I see him with the victory with a face hardly recognizable in the end of a fight.  Oh, he won, but he went more than a few rounds with some real tough guys.

Where are you in the fight of faith?  Are you thinking you should really start fighting, but you need a manager?  Are you ready and willing to train hard?  Are you willing to jump in the ring with some tough opponents?  Do you realize you can have the victory, but there is a chance of a knockout?  Oh, and don’t forget about a mangled face.  I hear some people have even had their ear chewed off.

Well, I have recently taken a time for silent reflection and a sought direction in a season of transition in my life.  The past two years have been a real struggle in the fight of faith for me.  I have gotten to a place I think many people have in the fight of faith, and I would like to invite you to join me as I begin a new series on Fighting the Good Fight.

From now until the end of the year this topic will lead us into a discovery of what that means.  The series will begin on Monday.  I have fought a lot in my years, and I know what the world calls a good fight.  In fact when there has been one going on before people just thought everyone needed to see it.  Well, this is not a fight I want you to see.  This is a fight I want you to join and to win.

❤ Melinda

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