Heart Strings

Which Way?

Which Way by Mike Coates

Have you ever found yourself in a place without direction?  Today, with Global Positioning Systems, I think we have an advantage over being directionally challenged.  At least more so than we used to.  It sure is sweeter than pulling out a map that covers the windshield once unfolded.  What do you do if you turn GPS on, and it doesn’t work though?

I feel like it is not working in my life lately.  Instead of being able to get any direction from GPS , I have this map clouding my vision.  So I put it down in frustration because it is not helping. I look at the street signs and see that there are some that are one way, some that are a dead-end, some that are forks in the road.  Instead of taking them and understanding that I can turn around if I get lost, I have come to a complete stop.  Lost could be a bad part of town.

What I have been doing is asking God for direction, but all the answers have not been revealed.  I have been given some destinations to reach, but don’t know the way there.  So here I sit waiting.  The traffic light turns from green, to yellow, to red, and I don’t move.  People behind me are honking as they go around me and some make gestures that are unkind.  They just don’t understand.  I don’t know where to go next and I am afraid moving could have vital consequences.

I imagined that if at quitting time, Rush Hour, I am still sitting there, and others like me did the same.  Then suddenly there was a gridlock.  No one in life would get to their destination.  We would all be stuck in traffic. So I pray, “God, you have to lead me, what do I do?”

You see the last word to me from God was Chapter 12 of Genesis verses 1-9.  The same word He gave Abram, has me wondering how Abram knew where to go.  I wonder is it a physical place in my life, is it symbolic, or is it both? So I investigated.

I read that prior to Abram’s family getting stuck in Haran, see Chapter 11 verses 27-32, Terah was taking his family to Canaan. Terah was the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great-grandson of Shem.  Shem was the son of Noah (see Genesis 9:26).  Was Abram headed toward Canaan because that is where his father was headed before he got stuck in grief over the loss of his son Haran?  By the way, the place He got stuck in was a place called Haran.

Or, was God leading Abram to Canaan?  The scripture does say, “and go to a land I will show you.”  That pretty much trumped any assumption I had.  So, here I sit.  Waiting for God to show me.  I still don’t know if it is a physical or symbolic place, but I know He will show me.

Have you found yourself in a place seeking directions to a destination, and yet you cannot move either?  What do you do?  Here are some suggestions I got in prayer today:

Pull over, put on your flashers, direct traffic to go around you, pray, read the Word, seek godly counsel, but don’t quench that still small voice when it tells you to move.

Towing can be expensive so don’t pull over in a no parking zone.

Don’t ask just anyone for direction, seek godly counsel.  Keep checking that GPS.

Meditate on the Word to build your faith.  You have to trust the Almighty Navigator (God’s Personal Spirit). This will help your ears tune into the frequency of spiritual GPS.

Before long we will be cruising down the road of life on the way to the promised land Beloved!


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