Heart Strings

Conformity and Resting



Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Romans 12:2



My kids made cupcakes tonight.  Oh, how yummy!  I have not been well so my husband was the one helping them.  I had bought those aluminum bake cups.  The ones that you did not need a muffin pan for.  Yet, when I looked in the sink I noticed they had used the muffin pans.  So I asked him, “Babe, you didn’t use the muffin pans to make the cupcakes did you?”  He said, “Yeah, why?”  Well, because I had bought the aluminum bake cups so he didn’t have to.  He said, “Yeah, but I needed something to hold them.”  It made me chuckle.

It reminds me of how we can’t think outside of the box when it comes to our faith and resting in Christ.  Or, outside the muffin pan.  We have a new way of thinking that we need to adjust our thinking to, but the old way is there and we feel comfortable with it.  Our mind says, either way we are making cupcakes, right?  However, it isn’t about what we are making, it is about the work we are doing.

We are supposed to rest in the work of God that was done in Christ.  If my family had used the aluminum bake cups to make the cupcakes without the muffin pans then they could have made more in less time.  They also would not have dirtied the muffin pans and needed to clean them.  They could have rested in the invention the aluminum bake cups were meant to be. Just like we are supposed to rest in the work of Christ.

This is the work of God, believe on the one whom He has sent. John 6:29

I will say that resting in the work of Christ never tasted so sweet! ❤ Melinda


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