Heart Strings

The Gifts of Grace

Writing is the way that I use my voice to communicate what I wouldn’t otherwise.  It is the way I pour out the inner voice often muted.  Muted because it wasn’t heard when it was used, was rejected when it needed acceptance, and was silenced when it needed shouting at the roof tops.  God has given me the gift of writing, but more recently God has given me the gift of courage to use my voice.  To tell the secrets of a past a little girl could never tell, to tell others what some didn’t want to hear, to speak out to those who would accept what was heard, and to shout to the roof tops that others could use their voice too.

The first place to do that was a blog that has moved here to its new name and new spacious place.  The second was in community where I was introduced to other bloggers who invited me to share my thoughts with them and others in the community.  The third is a book that God knows is inside of me, and He is determined will make its way to the pages that others will read.

None of the good things that are happening along the way are something I deserve because I am such a good Christian though.  Nope, all by grace!  So……..

This week the topic of the community Faith Jam at FaithBarista.com is, “A Gift God has Recently Given You”.  I would have to say that the gift is grace and it is a gift I have been opening since I came to know Christ.  Grace is like a Russian doll.  It has layers.  Once you find your way in there is another gift to open and it keeps getting better all of the time.  More and more precious.  Not necessarily smaller.

Matryoshka Dolls by Vera Kratochvil

The thing is Beloved, that when we receive grace for the first time we don’t know what we are really getting.  All of the grace we will ever need is in there, and we have to keep following Christ to find our way to the next layer of grace.  It is beautiful and unlike anything the world could ever offer.

I find that as God reveals the layers of grace to me, I am like a child opening their birthday present.  I can’t wait to get in, I can’t wait to see what is waiting under the paper, I can’t wait to hold the gift in my hands, and I can’t wait to share it with my friends.

That is what writing is to me.  It is a gift that I get to open before I get to share it with you.  How have you unwrapped grace lately?  If you have yet to begin then what are you waiting for?


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