Heart Strings

Wise Up Wednesday

It is so easy for a perfectionist to redo something someone has already done well, or something they have done right over again. Why is that? Well, I’m still trying to figure that out.

The first part of doing that I think is to realize a good job does not need the wasted effort of someone doing it over. Nor does the person who did the job the first time need the insult.

Even bigger revelation, is that there are no perfectionists. No matter who we might think we are or they are.

Well, except for One!


We as Christians can fall into the mind trip that God’s perfect work of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is not enough.

We can begin to add our works to what was done, when Jesus said it was finished. Check out John 19:30. That is our Word for the week.

When you find you are falling short of perfection realize the job has been done, and go to the cross to receive the finished work of Christ.

Don’t let your work be an insult to what He already accomplished, but let it be done out of Thanksgiving for what He has done for you.

Beloved, He finished it and that is why our hope endures<3 Melinda

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