Heart Strings, Wise Up Wednesdays!

Mind Renewal with Wise Up Wednesdays!

Ever wish you could just plug a flash drive into your ear, and download all the negative thoughts, that are scrolling across your mind like a marquis?

I feel like that today!

Earlier, I felt like I needed a marquis because I was going to the doctors office, and I couldn’t remember if I took a left or a right.  I told the woman at check in that I wish I had a marquis to remember some of the stuff in my head.

I would like to revoke that statement right now for $5000 Alex!

What if we were walking around and people could read those negative thoughts.  Imagine what kind of life we would live?

I think it would go like this:

People would realize that we all think those negative things.  That they attack us all every day.  They may be different ones at different times, but I garuntee (spelling intentional) people would live a less superficial life.

We try so very hard to live up to a standard that someone supposedly set.  Who was that exactly?  I don’t recall them shouting it from the rooftops!

What if we lay down the belief that we are the only one suffering with them, and pick up the belief that God knew humanity would need His WORD, and not ours, to combat them?

I think our thoughts would glorify God, and our lives would show others that we are not trying to be something we are not able to be without Him.

Every Wednesday, join me here for a W.O.R.D. to combat the negative with Wise Up Wednesday!

See you then, and remember…

Beloved, Hope Endures!


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