Heart Strings


This is the comment I left on another blog this morning.  It questioned what we were longing for.  I answered intimacy with God:

Definitely intimacy with Him. I long to bask in His presence every moment. I wish there were nothing else right now. That is the praise of the valley I am in. I am reminded now of the old days when tanning wasn’t bad for you. I would crawl into the tanning bed and the warmth of the light would surround you. I want to glow like Moses, and I don’t want to wear a veil!

Do you know what it is like to be in low places in your walk with God? I don’t mean that you are not walking in victory, because we are every day.  I mean when you are in a season of walking in the valley.

That is where I am right now.  I am in a season of healing.  A place where God is shedding more of the old me and replacing it with more of Himself.

I so want to spend every waking moment with Him that it is hard to even go to sleep lately.  I think I am HOME sick.  However, I have His plan for my life to walk out so I am thankful that I am one day closer to seeing His face and basking in His full glory.

24 “‘“The LORD bless you
   and keep you;
25 the LORD make his face shine on you
   and be gracious to you;
26 the LORD turn his face toward you
   and give you peace.”’

Numbers 6:24-26 NIV

How about you?  Where are you in your walk with God?  Are you on the mountaintop…or in the valley? Comment at the bottom of the page about where you are.  Leave a prayer request if you like.  I moderate the comments so you can ask me not to publish them if you wish.

Wherever you are Beloved, you are not alone!  May God’s glory shine upon you today!

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