Heart Strings


What a day!

It all started out like this….

Woke up early to get to Sunday school on time.  Getting myself ready to go, after getting three kids ready, and my husband asks me for the key to the van. I told him to look on the counter.

Not there, he says.  So we bicker about me losing the key.  I tell him not to take it off my other keys and it won’t get lost.  We both lose.  We also still have no key.

So we look everywhere and now the kids are looking too.  I turned the house upside down and shook it out along with them.  Then I called a friend at church so she could tell the Pastor I was running late.  I was supposed to be doing the children’s buddy time message.  Then, I went back to looking.

Still no key.  Decided to kneel and pray.  So I did, and the Lord showed me the kitchen window.  I went to look in the window.  Not there.  So I thought, I may need to look in another one.  I had opened them the day before.  Nope!  Still no key?!?

Well, after another run through the house, we decided to give up and change out of our good clothes.  I could get a jump-start on my Psychology paper that was due at 3am Arizona time.  I went to look for something on the kitchen counter.  I moved the mail, and guess what I found?  The key.

So in record time we got dressed, in the van, and took off down the road.  I called to tell the Pastor I was on the way.  When we got a ways down the road there were crews working on the roadsides cleaning up hurricane debris.  I cracked up laughing.  I figured why even think about getting upset.

So I got to church as they were singing the opening song.  Just in the nick of time to sit down a minute during announcements before buddy time.  Whew!

Thank God, because Jason Burton was there today bringing us into God’s presence.  His music is great, and once a year we have the special treat of him coming and sharing his music.  Check out his music.  Beautiful, just like him and his family.  Click Here  I got his new CD as a free gift from him today. YAY! You will love his music that leads you to the heart of God from the heart of a worshiper.

I never got my Psychology paper written with three kids in and out of my office yesterday while my Hubbie was hunting so I planned on writing it today while the kids were at play practice.  He was helping a friend so they were gonna need a ride.

Our friend and his wife said she would take the kids to practice. So once I found a  ride for the kids to Christmas play practice, I went home to work on my paper.  Once there and excited about a quiet house, I plugged my laptop in to charge up.  I  then spruced up the house a bit.

When I finally sat down at the computer the monitor was blank.  Just a touch of white.  All I could do was hear it get to my desktop, and that is it.  Are you kidding me?  So I tried to troubleshoot, and then went for the Geek Squad folder.  I called and they were open for me to come in to see what was wrong.  After troubleshooting at Best Buy, my computer was on the way to repair.  Two weeks the guy said.  What?  Yikes.  I am a blogger and I am an online student. ARGHHH….

But, my repairs will be free because I had coverage.  YES! YAY!

~My God provides all my needs according to His riches in Glory.~ Phillipians 4:13

So now it was time to head home and get my kids computer set up in my office.  I got home around 8pm, and after installing the modem (because the computer doesn’t have wi-fi), and Webroot software was uninstalled and reinstalled, I am typing this blog at 1am.  Oh well, at least I have another computer.

I will say that my fingers are still getting used to the keyboard! I hope to beat it into submission by the end of the week though.

Beloved, Hope Endures! ❤ Mindy



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