Heart Strings

Before the Throne

This morning I went into my office, I closed the door, and got on my knees before the throne of God.  I needed to yield to Him.  I needed mercy, forgiveness, and grace.  As I spilled out my prayer to Him tears ran down my face.  I let them run, and I prayed.  As I cried out His love spilled over me.  I did not feel anything in my flesh, but my soul was lighter.  It was as if I poured out the stagnant water I had collected in my soul, and He poured in living water.  As He did I praised, but my crying alerted my children in the other room.

They came in and gathered around me.  One by one they asked if I was okay.  I took hold of them, looked in their eyes, and told them that I was okay, and I was crying because I was praying.  I told them that sometimes we need to go to God and ask forgiveness for our sins.  That He is merciful, loving, and grace-giving.  They said, “Oh, mercy, that is bad.”  I said, “No!”  Mercy is not bad.  We need it.  Grace is great and a free gift we do not deserve.  But, mercy, that is something totally different.  Mercy is when we deserve punishment, but God who is loving gives us love instead.

I told them they only feel compassion for me because we are made in the image of God who is full of compassion for all of us.

What a beautiful, beautiful thing it was to me that I could teach my children mercy by going to the throne for it myself.

It was there I realized why God wanted me to start a new blog when I already had one.  He wants me to write my heart out here.  He wants me to spill my heart out on keyboard, and share it with those who need to know His mercy, His love, and His grace.

So I will be writing here about my daily heart walk with Him.  The day-to-day, up and down, the good, the bad, and the ugly of that walk.  I pray you will join me as a prisoner of hope.  As I yield my heart to Him, I am amazed at the words that tumble out of it into these posts.  Be encouraged because….

Beloved, Hope Endures!


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