Heart Strings

Why Do I Need A Writer’s Retreat?

For Christmas God gave me the gift of being accepted to Grand Canyon University.  I am currently an online student and obtaining a degree in Counseling there .  I am dual enrolled and getting my Masters in Biblical Studies at the same time from The Sure Foundation Theological Institute.

God also began this blog in December.  I have been writing all of my life. I have written poetry, short stories, songs, journal entries, sermons, curriculum, the blog, essays, and I just started my first fiction book.  I would like to attend the writer’s conference at Laity Lodge because GCU’s catch phrase is “Find Your Purpose”.  I know I have been led here by God.  It would be a gift of refreshment spiritually as well, as God is doing something new in my life.  He had me step down as a Youth Pastor at the end of the last school year , and I will be writing curriculum for parenting classes given to women at the local pregnancy support center.  He has yet to let me know what He is doing altogether, as usual, so this could be part of His plan. He has recently told me to leave this place and go to the land that He will show me.  Could Laity Lodge be that land?  Or, could Laity Lodge be the place He reveals where I am to go?  I would be so grateful for the opportunity to attend the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat.

Blessing abundant to you Beloved ❤ Mindy


Songwriting is my favorite pastime.

I am currently writing “Welcome at the Well”, a novel about a woman’s journey from bondage to brokenness that leads her to living water.
I want to write a memoir that would tell how a child sexually abused from the age of 3 or earlier came to know Christ who completely changed her life.  Even if it is not published, it is something I want to leave my four girls. 

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