Alone with God

In Stolen Moments with the Lord

What I have learned most about the stolen moments I have with the Lord, in this season of life, is that anything goes. There is no plan except that I seek him when I wake and before I lay down at night.  I am reminded of what David said:

Due to the fact that I am a mother with three children at home from age 4 to age 9, waking is usually to “Mommy I am hungry!” or “Mommy she hit me!”, so quiet time may be delayed.  However, once I get there I find that God is waiting for me.  That I am so thankful for. 

I pray first in thanking Him for protection and provision through the night.  Then I head into whatever I am studying, or use my devotional as a springboard.  It depends on how I feel led at the moment. I may even read blogs I subscribe to.  During that, I ask the Lord to open His word to me and tell me what He wants me to know regarding my life.  I ask Him  to point me in direction of His will,  and wisdom for the day so I may glorify Him.  

Through the rest of my day in my silent conversation with Him I go where I am led, and do what I do.  Mother, read, write, study, clean, encourage, and prepare assignments for submission are some of those things. 

Then at night when everyone has gone to sleep in my house I pray about the day, and ask for God to speak to me.  I may write in my journal or not.  I read scripture, and Christian living books which guide me into a conversation with the Lord about my life.  There is no real plan just a pattern I follow and most of all trying my hardest to let the Lord lead.  

One thing I know is that I have never had success trying to have time with God someone else’s way.  I tried being a morning person endlessly and tire-fully.  Both God and I agreed that was just not right for me.  I am a night owl, NOT a morning person.   Although there are times He wakes me with something to say and then I know I best get up and put my ears on.  I love those moments! (I will insert here that I am no longer a cranky person in the morning though–that was an act of God–anyone who knows me will tell ya!)  

So from me to you, what I have learned in my stolen moments with the Lord is that anything goes and be yourself.  Don’t have a plan, and if you do expect God has a better one.  Then if you get to the point you need more than stolen moments with God it is time to schedule more than moments with God.  In a week and a half I am going to a Beth Moore Simulcast.  I can’t wait to worship and let God have all my moments that day.  

What do you do in your moments with God Beloved? ❤ Mindy

By the way, it is Thursday and I am Jamming with Faith Barista and friends.  Click on the Bread and Jam tab at the top of the page, and link up to more about time spent with God.  Bonnie the Faith Barista calls it “whitespace”.  Check it out for a cup running over with fresh brewed faith!

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1 thought on “In Stolen Moments with the Lord”

  1. Good perspective. With a focus on Him and spending time seeking His heart, He will guide and teach in that quiet time, won't He? Thanks for sharing! (Catching up from the Faith Jam a little late!)

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