Heart Strings

After the Storm: The Son and the Sun

Here we sit after Hurricane Irene and the storm has done much damage.  In the daylight it is easy to see the damage that has been done.  Thankfully though some have lost life, limb, property, and peace of mind, ours have not been. We have a lot to clean up and could be without power for quite a while. Still God has kept us safe.  I found an interesting correlation today in the aftermath of the storm. 

The Sun shines in the sky today with rays bright.  We can see the trees down, the soy bean crop once over four feet tall looks like crop circles, pine branches litter the yard, and much more.  That’s gonna take some work. 

Then clouds float by, and the rays that shed light on the damage now point us back to the Sun.  The source of light we are thankful for when we have lost power. 

Did you figure it out yet?

Well, just like a storm of life can do a lot of damage, Hurricane Irene has here.  But, when the light was shed on it we knew exactly what we were dealing with.  And, just like the rays of light led us to their source in the sky, the Sun, we see the light and look to it’s source the Son of God.  

Our strength is sapped when the storm has passed and there is still work to be done.  We are left without power of our own, but we are empowered by the Son. When we are in need He sends us encouragement which generates more power.

I’ll never look at the aftermath of a life storm again.  He will ever strengthen us Beloved ❤ Mindy  

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