Heart Strings


Some of the best advice advice I have ever gotten in my life is do it again.  When the topic of small acts of faith came up this week that is just what came to mind.  The little things we do every day that we do in the middle. 

The middle being between when we began believing for something, or began stepping out in faith because the Lord led us to, and the end product of a successful ministry or answered prayer.  The middle where we all kind of wonder was this right?  Did I hear God right?  Will the answer come?  The middle where we wonder if we are grasshoppers or Joshua.  Where we hear ourselves mutter:  I have been believing for a long time and I just don’t have the energy to do this anymore.  That is the middle I am talking about.  

Ever been there? Well, girlfriend or guy friend, I am there.  It is a place where faith is tested, the enemy screams in your ear, and his darts are more like B52 bombers, doubters say I told you so (or at least that is what you are telling you they are saying), and weary is just not the word for it.  

Lately I have been at that weary place.  Where a certain word in my time with Christ just yields a flood of tears, and my heart needs healing from the wind beaten woman I am from the storms life is washing over me.  

In those times you open your bible….. again….you pray one more prayer…. again….you meditate on scripture…. again…..you  praise God without feeling like it…. again….you listen to sermon tapes…. again…you go to bible study again…you put one foot in front of the other as a soldier of Christ, and you fall on the chest of God again worn out and in tears.  Those are the small acts of faith that get me through the middle.  What about you, Beloved.  Have you been in the middle?  Are you there now?  What did you do that helped you get through the middle?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.  We love to be encouraged by each other.  Make sure you get encouraged by checking out the Bread and Jam page above and joining the Faith Barista and her Community Jam.  Check it out it will warm your soul.  Shalom!

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