Heart Strings

More than Roses

Last evening as I settled into sleep I meditated on Roses.  The beauty of a single rose, and the fragrant display of a bouquet.  I was surprised by what they revealed to more than my senses.  

I love fresh cut flowers.  So I tend to purchase them from time to time so that I can enjoy their presence in my home.  Last night I enjoyed their array in my mind.  

Think of a single stately rose.  Poised in a vase all its own.  Giving glory to its creator.  Drawing its nutrients from the water and its needed light from the sun.  How beautifully it reflects its creator.  

However, imagine a bouquet of them flooding your eyes with a remarkable display of God’s glory.  Each one not dependent on the other for sustenance, but dependent on each other when low on what it needs to survive on its own.  

Now think about the single rose.  What happens when it lack the nutrients given by the water it needs, or the sunlight it craves.  It begins to wilt and falls over.  Soon it will reflect the loss of the necessary elements of life.  Although a little sunlight and some water would fix it’s problem it still droops over and is dependent on someone to come and tend to it.  

Now think about a bouquet.  Imagine a rose that falls over.  This time it has the others to lean on in its lack of strength.  Although they can not give the rose what it needs to survive they can lend their strength to it in times of trouble.  So it may stand until then.  As the other leans toward the sun and draws from the water the leaning rose is carried to the source of light it desperately needs.  

So why is all this exceptionally glorifying of God?

Well we are the single roses.  We are drawing from the source of life our God for all we need.  However when we begin to fall, when left on our own we have no one to support us.  We have no one to point us in the right direction.  

If in a bouquet we are lifted in our time of trouble by the strength they have in their provider.  They lift us, and draw us in the direction of the light that gives us life.  

The others in the bouquet are other Christians.  We need each other so very much.  Although the enemy likes to pluck us out of the bouquet and separate us from the others we so very much need in time of trouble.  In those times we need their support.  We need their guidance to get us back to God.  

Who are the Roses in your life?  Do you surround yourself with a display of God’s glory?

Watch out for weeds!

I have never seen a bouquet of flowers that had a fistful of weeds added to them for beauty.  How about you?  Watch out for them.  They can choke the life out of us roses.  They will not lend themselves when we are sapped of strength.  Instead they will care for themselves only.  

Take an inventory of who is in your vase.  If you are alone, consider that you should only be that way for times spent with God alone.  However, be soon to plant yourself amongst other roses for support.  Lend your strength to them and lean on theirs in times of trouble.  Not for what is necessary for life, but to be led to the source that gives life.  

The body of Christ is a bouquet of His glory.  He knew we would need each other.  Oh, how fragrant we are when we are glorifying God together Beloved! Psalm 133:1 ❤ Mindy

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