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Alone Time with God

It seems strange to say alone time with God.  If you are with someone are you alone?  I imagine it means being alone physically so you can hear from Him.  He promises to never leave or forsake us.
So all we have to do is stop what we are doing and focus on His presence.  Lately I have been trying to do that as much as possible.

Have you ever gone somewhere familiar, and yet you feel awkward like you are visiting for the first time.  You don’t know where anything is.  How do you act?  You don’t remember what you do there.  You are not sure when it is time to leave.  Have I overstayed my welcome?

Okay, maybe it is just me… but recently in my time with God that is the way I feel.  I read the word, and it yields nothing.  I desperately want to hear from God through the pages of scripture.  So, I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

I go to a bible study I am currently doing, and then I hear a whisper from Him. I watch a bible study on T.V., and He speaks right to my situation. When I am studying through the works of others I am finding God, but when I just try to get alone with him and His Word.  I read, but hear nothing.

Has that happened to you?  Have you ever found that you can’t get a clear signal with the scripture alone.  Some may say not to limit God.  That He speaks how He wants and when He wants.  I should be thankful that He is speaking into my life.

When the scripture takes on a voice of its own I am never more alive. I live for those encounters.  Maybe I should live for any encounter with God. How about you?  What are your thoughts, Beloved.  Leave a comment with them.  ❤ Mindy

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6 thoughts on “Alone Time with God”

  1. Sometimes I believe God plays a little bit hard to get simply to have uas grow ever hungrier. He touches us in delightful and surprising ways, I think you're right to realize you can't box Him in. He does indeed speak through His Word but also in other ways. Enjoy them all.

  2. Sometimes, yes, I have that same problem. The pages seem to not yield anything strong to direct me, but then, maybe that's God way of saying, “Wait.”

  3. Thanks for leaving your comments. HisFireFly, Hungrier is definitely what I am. Glynn, I know I can never overstay my welcome, but it is that gut feeling that makes me move on to other places to hear from Him, I think. Nikole, Wait is good. Maybe He wants me to concentrate on what He told me last time.

  4. Here a little there a little, like the rain and its refreshing. I think sometimes we could not handle a deluge but we need those sweet reminders that He loves us and is near. We are not alone – not ever.

  5. I am so glad you blogged about this. Silence is God speaking. It's His presence. Where we are with Him. I find what you describe too. And I just smile, tell my soul to rest. That whitespace is clearing the way for Him to speak. Keep returning and there will be a time, you will hear and it will be deep, rich and amazing. Even if one whisper.

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