Heart Strings

A Second Look at Archeology of the Future

     I was glancing back at an old post and found some inspiration about God sized dreams.  I am out of school for two weeks and taking a break to enjoy my family.  I also am in the midst of the second week of volunteer counselor training at the local crisis pregnancy support center. I pray this blesses you Beloved<3……

I feel like a mystery writer. 

Or, more like, an archeological digger.

One who is digging where nothing is yet to be. 

Digging up a past…….

because it is the way to my future.
This is what comes boiling from the depths of my heart when I think about God-sized dreams.

It begins heating, slowly simmers to the top, and then breaks into a boil that threatens to break the barriers of my heart with abandon. 

I didn’t know I  could write such things when I began writing the words of the blog. 


Out of the overflow of my heart upon pondering God’s dream for me, a part of my God-sized dream has come true.  I have always wanted to pursue writing. 

I wrote poetry as a young girl.  

I wrote in my diary as well. 

In high school I wanted to be a journalist. 

That is pretty funny now when you consider I don’t watch the news.  I keep informed, but really have no interest.  I have been focusing on the good news.  I still want to be a writer, and so I write.  So a writer I am. 

As I have dug up my past piece by piece, I have found a glimmer of the future in relation to God’s dream for my life.  I have also swept the dirt off of my own dreams, and dared to expose them to His light. Breathing new life into them.   I have offered them up to God in exchange for His dream for me.  As I am faithful to bring them, He is even more faithful to bless them. 

So if I had to say something profound about dreams given to God it would be that all of the big dream is composed of all the small ones.  That they are just as precious as the whole big God-sized dream.  That in focusing on the big dream we can forget to realize it is happening now.  As it is pursued every portion is being fashioned, formed, tested, and placed.  Do not despise small beginnings takes on a new understanding when you realize the small parts of the dream are pieces to the whole. 

I am pursuing a God-sized dream.  I keep waiting for the peices to show me what the whole future is composed of. 

My current pursuit of the dream is the dig of the future family members that may study the remains of my life.

That makes me cherish the small dreams being fulfilled along the way, and changes my focus on dreams in general. 

At times I have wondered if I will ever see the dream come true, see it fit me, but I hope I am not looking past the dreams that are coming true along the way.  Besides, I am not supposed to fit the dream. 

It is God-sized. What do you dream of Beloved?  Mindy

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