Heart Strings

Put on Jesus!

Desperately wanting to become a different you? 
Well Beloved you can’t make YOURSELF different!
You can go to the closet to change your outfit head to toe, but you cannot get another you.  
You can reach in and put on Jesus.  He is the author and perfector of us.  Hebrews 2:12 
We can NOT perfect ourselves, change our problems, change others, change our circumstances, but……
………………………….we can put on JESUS!
That is all the change we need.  To change our focus to Him.  
Look full into his wonderful face as the song says.  Then truly the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.  
I took this photo at Pocohontas State Park 2 years ago.  It reminds me of His glory!

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