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Finding the One

June brides have been glowing this month.  I don’t know why June is the “wedding month”?  So of course I Googled it, and I found that in Roman times they married because they believed in the goddess of marriage named Juno.  Wow, I bet that is where we get bridezillas!  Just kidding.  Anyway, I am glad I got married in May nine years ago.

I met my husband ten years ago.  We have been together ever since.  How did I know he was the one?  I didn’t for a long time, and so I postponed our wedding a year to be sure.  Many insecurities plagued me at that time due to an abusive first marriage.  I believe the “One” true God had everything to do with it.  I thought that I would be completed in finding a spouse.  Just like every fairy tale I thought I would find my prince and live happily ever after.  Well, needless to say, when we first got married it was not a fairy tale.  I am surprised we survived each other.  Only by God’s grace, only by God’s grace!

Today we laugh about those first years, but what saved our marriage and our lives was finding the true One, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are his bride, and He is gracious enough to bring along the man I always truly dreamed of.  One who is now fully committed to Him. 

The world teaches that a spouse will complete you, bring you the happiness you have longed for, and everything will be peachy keen.  As children we believe those fairy tales about a prince coming on his white horse.  Well, that is not that far fetched if you go straight to the book of Revelation.  Here we find The Prince on His white horse, and He is Faithful and True.  He is also Love.  He is what we are all looking for.  Check out chapter 19 again.  The wedding supper of the Lamb.  That is our real wedding day.  That is the day when Christ will walk his bride the church down the aisle with a gleam in his eye.

If I had anything to say about finding the one it would be thank God the One found me.  Thank God the One knew I would be blessed by the one He chose for me.  I wonder what the wedding china will look like in heaven?  Can’t wait for the day I see my Prince face to face, and live happily ever after. Blessings Beloved ❤ Mindy

Here is a pic of my love on our honeymoon cruise.  
He is my one.
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1 thought on “Finding the One”

  1. After being hurt, it is often difficult to committ to another even though it seems so right. Your post is lovely and it is true that all relationships have times of turmoil, even those with sweet love stories and no mention of the sad and bad times.

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