Heart Strings

Feeling Mighty?

It is trusting Tuesday and we will continue the study on Gideon.  Are you feeling like a Mighty Warrior?  Well you most likely will not.  Feeling is not something you and I are supposed to place our trust in.  We walk by faith.  So let’s explore what happens next in the story of Gideon, and how that may help us trust who God says we are.  Here we go….

Our text for today will come from Judges 6.

We left off with Gideon destroying idols, putting up altars, and offering sacrifices at night.  Did God know that Gideon would do this at night.  I think He did.  Look at the passage from verses 25-27.  It says the Lord came to him at night.  God did say to do it, and Gideon did it at night because he was afraid.  However, in reading we can understand that God said to do it,.  Gideon was obedient even though he was fearful.  What did this result in?  The Spirit of the Lord came on Gideon to do even mightier things.  Check it out in verses 33-39.

In obedience to what God asked him to do the door was opened to him to be empowered to do more.  Sometimes I think we want the power without stepping out.  When in fact, the Lord wants us to step out and then we will be empowered.  He wants us to trust Him and take the path he shows us.  He may not reveal what else He is going to do until we are obedient in trusting He is faithful. 

I mean after all he blows the trumpet to summon those who just came to his father to take his life.  He tore down those idols and erected an altar to God and they wanted to skin him alive.  Now he is summoning them to join him in battle.  Whew!  Good thing he stepped out the first time, and the power of the Lord came on him to do this. 

Where did it lead Gideon to though?  To another place where he had to do some trusting.  Some believe we are not supposed to lay out fleeces anymore.  However, I believe God wants us to discern his voice and to grow in faith.  By laying out the fleeces Gideon learned these things. 

  • God was indeed mighty in him and that is why He is a mighty warrior after all.
  • God was not angry with him for asking if he understood him or not.
  • God wants to show us his ways. 

Is there something you need to take the next step in?  Are you remembering what happened last time?   Is it time to take a leap of faith.  Know that God’s power will come upon you after you take that step.  Do not fear asking Him for clarity, but also ask where you need to exercise faith in His faithfulness.  Leave a comment if you like about God being faithful to you when you took a step in faith.  Blessings Beloved ❤ Mindy

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