Why do we send flowers to the sick?

     As I type, I sit here with my tissues.  A beginning of summer cold is trying to catch me.  This week’s topic of encouragement from the Faith Jam hosted by Faith Barista got me asking why we send flowers to those who are sick or in need of encouragement. 

     I decided to google why we send flowers, and after all my research it seems there are various answers dependent upon who is asked.  However, most agree that flowers have been sent for centuries.  So I decided to go to the bible.  God used them in the scripture to symbolize His affection, purity, delicate nature, and His provision for us.  Check out this website that lists where flowers are found in the bible http://www.bible-topics.com/Flowers.html.

     But, I think when I consider encouragement and the flower I see something altogether different. I know myself that when I have received flowers at a difficult time in my life they not only cheered me, but they remind me there is a whole other world out there.  They are vibrant in color and remind us of beauty and life.  If we think of how they started and God’s provision for them then what will he do for us? He gave them soil, water, and roots. He provided the sunlight, and made them strong enough to survive a storm.  If you read Luke 12:27, you learn a new reason to send flowers to a sick friend.  In this passage the lilies are a symbol of God’s provision.  Maybe next time I hear a friend is sick I will send them some lilies to remind them that God is faithful to them, and he says not to worry.  They do nothing to clothe or provide for themselves.  Like the lilies God wants us to know he will do the same for us.

Lilly of the Valley photo courtesy of Lauren Tzzui.


Here are some for you! I hope this has encouraged you Beloved<3 Melinda

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