Joy Down in my Heart

This week I am doing my first photo journal.  Sharing the joy with you I hold down in my heart, and not necessarily on my face.  For all these things I am grateful.  I wonder, what brings you joy?

Seeing the Cross that my Savior gave His life on, just for me, gives me joy that leads to tears. 

Hanging with my youth group at an encounter with Jesus for the weekend, yep, definitely joyful!


The smiles on my beautiful girls’ faces, and the words they pray makes for some big JOY!

A beautiful sunset with a rainbow outside my home, because our God is over the top, gives me Joy.

And you….insert pic of you here:)…..Knowing you may have an enounter with God through this blog gives me eternal joy!

What gives you joy Beloved? Leave a comment below.

Remember you don’t have to be smiling when there is joy down in your heart.

List the things that give you JOY


that smile will creep up out of your heart and suddenly appear on your face when you least expect it to.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.  Check out Nehemiah 8:9.
Blessings to you Beloved.  ❤ Melinda

It brings me joy to invite you to travel over to some of the blogs I read each day.  They are guaranteed to bring you JOY!  Links are on the right—–over—there——–>

3 thoughts on “Joy Down in my Heart”

  1. I enjoyed your Joy journal. Your girls are beautiful – how could they not bring joy??? Thanks for sharing!

    from a fellow Faith Barista follower.

  2. Hi Melinda, I can see your smile in your girls'. What a joyful photojournal. Thank you for sharing. And such a sweet spirit, making a place for us at the end! Blessings!

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