Reflections of Ressurection

Easter is this Sunday.  I have been celebrating by offering Journey to the Cross along with the youth of my church to the congregation and community.  It was begun last year and was a real revival in my own life.  Speaking of revival, I am noticing that the meditation I find most intriguing is on the empty tomb and Christ’s appearance after He came back to life.

There are things in my life I have long since declared dead.  Like childhood dreams and expectations of good. However, lately in my walk with the Lord I have seen the prospect of new life.  I have watched God personally take those dead things, and resurrect them.

Due to this I notice that my appearance has been changed.  I am walking taller, I am more confident in the promises He has made.  Since my goal is to be Christlike and to reflect His glory I am happy to see His beauty upon me.  Beauty attracts people.  I find nothing more beautiful than the Lord.

Last week I went to the Pregnancy Support Center of the Tri-Cities to be interviewed so I can volunteer.  Immediately I saw Jesus in the ladies that are there working full time.  During the interview the director said,  ” I sense a gentle and quiet spirit about you.  There is an aroma of Christ.  I believe these ladies will open up to you during counseling.”  How beautiful.  She wants me to walk through a bible study so I can find freedom from an abortion I was forced to have after being drugged.  My father had sexual abused me and got me pregnant.  Once I finish the bible study I will start training to counsel other women.

I have been chasing beauty down all my life as a woman.  Weighing in right now at 305lbs is awful.  My husband tells me I am beautiful everyday, but I never feel that I am.  Illness prevents me from losing the weight I need to.  Pain prevents me from exercising a lot.  So I get frustrated and buy the lies that I am not beautiful.  Most of those lies come from abuse as a child and in my first marriage. I clung to them so long I reckoned beauty dead in my life.  I have never felt more beautiful and revived than when she made that comment to me about the aroma of Christ.

Knowing that God can take the ugly, that I have long ago buried, back from the dead and use it for good that reflects His glory, is what I believe Easter is all about to me this year.  What is God resurrecting in your life?  Are there dry bones you need to speak life to.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Death can’t hold Him.  Allow Him to dig them up, dust them off, speak life to them, and use them for His glory!  That is true beauty.  That is a Savior who lives to love. Blessings and love to you Beloved as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday and resurrection in your dry bones!   <3Melinda

This week meditate on what God can do with dry bones. Ezekiel 37:1-14

Join others as they reflect on what Easter means to them this year:

 Faith Barista Jam

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