Faith like Potato Heads

The day in and day out of life can be like a roller coaster ride. Some days you have to gather yourself up, put your best face forward, and do what you need to do just to make it over the climbs and the drop offs.  All while begging for it all to stop and let you off.  In the middle of all of that as Christians we are called to put our best face forward and go out and help others.  Or are we?

Sometimes I can really relate to Mrs. Potato Head.  Pieces of me scattered all over from the rigors of life.  Having to find the missing pieces of me and choose what to put where. I find that sometimes I put on a face that deceives.  I just don’t want people to know what is real that day. Why?  Is it because I might look like I do not have faith in God? Is it because a spiritual leader shouldn’t let those he or she leads know he or she is human? I really don’t know.  Maybe it is the fear of being rejected for who we really are.  Being who we really seem. Unlike Adam and Eve in the garden we are not hiding from God,  but man.  I don’t know about you, but some days I think man (male or female) can just be so brutal in their judgments.  Especially those that are religious. Those who call themselves Christian but are far from being Christ like.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather follow a leader who follows God, and is who they really seem to be than one who puts on a face that deceives.  I want to know they are human.  I want to know they need God to get through the next five minutes, much less, the rest of life.

The one thing I always wanted in this faith walk was to just be real.  To allow others to know I need God just as much, if not more than they do, to do this thing called life.  Our “heartitude” (my new word for heart attitude..like it?..ahem) is very important when it comes to choosing the pieces of ourselves we show to others. This week try being real.  If you need to ask God to gather up the pieces of you that life has strewn around, and ask him to put you together in a way that shows others you need Him too. Put on your face of faith.  Imagine a Mr. or Mrs. Potato head dressed in the full armor of God.  Instead of a smile that deceives others, a smile that says no matter what I am facing today if I am in Christ, “I have already got the victory!”

We win Beloved so be real. Put your best faith forward. ❤ Melinda
Ephesians 6:10-18
1 Samuel 16:7
1 Peter 3:1

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